A contribution from the Cuban National Library “José Martí” to the Cuba Music Week

Imagen del edificio de la Biblioteca Nacional de CubaThis site is a contribution of the Cuban National Library “José Martí”Cuba Music Week to  the Cuba Music Week, May 14-22, 2016, organized by ArcMusic. It presents an online virtual version of the former card printed catalogs of the Cuban collection including the catalogue of cuban records of the music collection of this institution.

Image of the Catalogue of the Cuban National Library
Click on the image to visit the Virtual Card Catalogue of the collection of records of cuban music

You can navigate across the virtual drawers of the original catalogues. This catalog is a CIPAC (Card Images Public Access Catalog) that until today remained for local access. Thanks to it transformation to a digital version it is now available online as a beta test. It includes authors and titles of the records that conform the collection.

This are digital images of the original Card Catalog. They have been digitized and incorporated to a CIPAC in a way that can be consulted online. Every image is processed to obtain the text using Optical Character Recognition software (OCR) and the text review is made with crowsoursing. The text of every record is indexed to permit searching using keywords in the full texts of the records.

Aquí el guaguancó
D66-19 C Aquí el guaguancó. Egrem LD-3174. [1966].Celeste Mendoza, cantante; Orquesta de Jazz; Rafael Somavilla, R. Puentes, directores; Coro Folklórico Cubano de Guaguancó. Contiene: El Manisero-Siboney. En la Cumbre. Quién pero quién. Canción de mi Habana. Sobre una tumba una rumba. Cuba corazón de nuestra América. Fiesta brava. Papá Ogún. Seguiré sin soñar. Recordaré tu boca. Poder mayor. La última rumba.

Considering the size and richness of the collection and the metadata included in the cards it becomes an important reference tool to research the Cuban musical production, its authors, composers, singers and performers across many years.Image Celeste Mendoza Aquí el Guaguancó

Although this is a process not yet concluded, the transformation of the original printed card catalogues into a data base, begins to offer  this product that becomes useful considering that you can search the full text of all the records and see the original cards. Considering that the OCR is not full accurate, the crowsoursing and quality control will improve the resource progressively.  That transformation of the original cards into a data base will be represented as linked data to become part of the open linked data space of the semantic web.